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Pillow Donation 



Roberta and her husband, Hans, donated over 30 pillows on behalf of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations. The pillows will be given to new arrivals as well as recently arrived clients who need them. Exactly 100 years ago, Roberta’s grandmother arrived through Ellis Island where they were helped by HIAS. Roberta shares her family’s story below:




Bobbe in 1919 - Cleveland Story































“In 1919, a year after the end of WWI, my Bobbe (grandmother in Yiddish) owned a grocery store in her home town of Siroki, which was in Moldavia. She used the system of credit when dealing with the local authorities and became endeared to them. One day, a captain in the Russian army, remembering Bobbe’s kindness to him, told her that a road was going to be built through Siroki and her store would be demolished. My Bobbe gathered her four children still living with her and secured a passage to the United States.


Bobbe’s three oldest children were already in New York, thanks to an uncle. My mother, Minnie, was one of the four children emigrating in 1919.


When my Bobbe and her children arrived at Ellis Island in New York, their uncle was waiting for them and had found them lodging in the lower east side of New York. However, they had no furniture, bedding, or kitchen equipment. That’s when HIAS helped them!


As I grew older, I always heard my mother, who was 13 at the time of her arrival in Ellis Island, talk about HIAS and how the organization had helped them. My Bobbe also talked lovingly about how HIAS had helped them settle into a new life. Both my Bobbe, Nakhoma, and my mother, Minnie, reminded me that I should never forget the organization that had helped our family. I never have.”

Summer Market Initiative 



US Together Cleveland is excited to announce our upcoming project – the Summer Farmer’s Market Initiative! This summer we will be showcasing our refugee entrepreneurs in our Micro-Enterprise and Development program through holding an international refugee led farmer’s market booth in Shaker Square (June), Lakewood (July), and Crocker Park (August) every Saturday! Our refugees are excited to share their cultures with their new neighbors through food, music, and art. Through this program, clients are given the opportunity to further develop their products and gain experience around marketing, finance, and service delivery. Come eat, dance, and shop with us at a farmer’s market near you! We are currently looking for volunteers to help out at these farmer’s markets. We have opportunities that range from a one time commitment to the whole summer. If you are interested in getting involved,  reach out to Michelle at for more details. 





Wishing Helen Tarkhanova Farewell




Helens Party

















Many friends, old and new, gathered to celebrate the career of Helen Tarkhanova as she enters her well-earned retirement. The entire office was abuzz, filled with laughter, delicious food, and jovial conversations. The brightly colored decorations complemented the cheerful atmosphere as Nadia Kasvin spoke about how much Helen accomplished in her tenure with US Together and how she will be greatly missed. When Helen commented that she will still be around,  the crowd responded with a rousing cheer. Hugs and smiles abounded as Helen was presented with a banner inscribed with the words “Thank you Helen. We will miss you!” as well as hand written personal notes from numerous well-wishers. Several of the attendees were new faces interested in working with US Together in various capacities and came to learn more about our organization. It was a perfect night to introduce them to our cause. It has been said, but it bears repeating: Thank you Helen. We will miss you!




Baldwin Wallace Award




Cleveland Baldwin Wallace Jacket Philanthropy Grant




In April, we were awarded $2,500 from Baldwin Wallace college. Students at Baldwin Wallace wrote a grant on behalf of US Together and presented their proposal to a committee as a part of Baldwin Wallace’s Jacket Philanthropy Program. Their proposal of $2,500 for RTA monthly bus passes won! Thank you Baldwin Wallace!





Volunteering For a Cause


Cleveland News & Events - client with spring baskets 2














During early April, we collected baskets, hygiene items, and small goodies for spring baskets. On Thursday, April 11th, volunteers helped stuff the baskets and case managers took them to clients they were working with.



Operation Welcome Mat



UST Cleveland Clients with Operation Welcome Mat
































Operation Welcome Mat gave us a donation of 15 welcome mats for our refugee clients. “As small symbol with big meaning, Operation Welcome Mat aims to serve as a visual token of welcome to our newly arrived refugee neighbors in Cleveland.”