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World Refugee Day Celebration: 



 In observance of World Refugee Day, our office celebrated the successes of our refugee clients with a picnic. We closed our office so our refugee staff could spend time with their families. Refugees arrive in the United States after enduring hardship and loss. We wanted to take a moment to recognize their hard-work, dedication, and perseverance.



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The Asian Festival’s Dragon Boat Race: 



On May 18th, staff, interns, and a few clients partnered with Northern Kiwanis Club for the Asian Festival’s Dragon Boat Race! Throughout the day, we shared our work with community members and raced local businesses. We made friends, tried new foods, and even won two races in our division. It was a great team-building experience, and we can’t wait to participate next year!



































Fresh Food Pantry



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On May 4th, our Columbus office partnered with Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETSS), Community Refugee and Immigrant Services (CRIS), Jewish Family Services, and Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services to provide fresh produce to our clients and the greater Columbus community. Staff members from all agencies volunteered to distribute food and pick up clients. We served approximately 105 families. Thank you to everyone who participated! 





New American Forum 2019




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On May 2nd, the New American Advisory Council (NAAC) hosted the 2019 New American Forum. Our Co-Founder and Chair of the NAAC kicked off the forum with an introduction by Franklin County Commissioner Kevin Boyce. Commissioner Boyce spoke of the importance of creating a welcoming community for refugees and immigrants. In an effort to bridge the gap between the New American community and our governmental representatives, round table discussions were designed to facilitate candid communication between representatives and New Americans. The primary goal of these discussions was to inform representatives of refugee and immigrant needs and establish methods to make Columbus a more welcoming city. Overall it was a huge success. New American community members provided valuable insight into their concerns while simultaneously learning more about what their representatives were doing to improve the social and economic situation of immigrants and refugees. Representatives left the forum with a different perspective on the New American community and Columbus as a whole.