Employment Services


One of the most important things we try to help our clients understand is the need for self-sufficiency. We provide training in multiple areas to help pair our clients with the appropriate occupation. Employment partners, like El Barrio-Workforce Development in Cleveland, work alongside our agency to provide a steady income to families through employment.





To facilitate self-sufficiency and integration into a new environment, US Together provides services in the following program areas on site and through community partners:



  • Employment Assessment
  • Job Readiness Classes
  • Job Development
  • Retention Services
  • Employment based ESL classes


Welcoming City Career Connections is a social enterprise of US Together, Ohio’s largest refugee resettlement organization.  US Together is uniquely positioned to provide career connections to fill the gap and challenges that companies face with integrating people from different cultures into the work environment. For more information, visit Welcoming City’s website here.