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Refugees resettled in the U.S. contribute positively to the diversity and enrichment of our country. However, it is crucial that refugees become economically self-sufficient as quickly as possible. Achieving economic self-sufficiency depends on the employment prospects of adult refugees, which hinges on a mixture of factors including transferable skills, family size and composition, job opportunities, and the resources available in the communities in which refugees resettle.




The most important factor influencing the economic self-sufficiency of refugees is the ability to speak English.  Unfortunately, newly arrived refugees often do not speak English, and have varying educational and employment histories.  Furthermore, increasing populations do not have close family members already living in the U.S. to help with their adjustment, integration, and acculturation. These factors create significant challenges for the resettlement agencies in meeting the needs of refugees.




In order to help refugees learn English in a more efficient way, we have a strong referral program that links refugees with ESL classes and Employment Programs that cater to their various levels of educational background. These are provided by different partners that offer teaching at their location specifically for the refugee population.



An after school tutoring program has recently been developed at the Cleveland Office in partnership with John Carroll University.  We offer tutoring in all subjects to all grades to assist students with any extra help they may need in regards to explaining homework assignments in more detail.


US Together Columbus


At the Columbus Office, we offer several several ESL classes throughout the week at two different locations.  The schedule will be updated regularly. The current schedule is as follows:




Monday and Wednesday (High/Low Literacy) : 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at 1415 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. Suite 100 




US Together Cleveland


At the Cleveland Office, we offer several several ESL classes throughout the week at two different locations.  The current schedule will be updated soon.