International Division

Columbus International Program (CIP) merged with Us Together, Inc. – Columbus in October of 2017.  CIP was dedicated to Promoting International Understanding through Intercultural Exchange which will continue under UST.





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CIP provided opportunities for international professionals from around the world to gain valuable insight and experience through professional exchange programs throughout central Ohio. 






As the International Division of UST, it is committed to promoting international understanding in global communities through professional development and cross-cultural exchange. As an international exchange program, we bring well-qualified professionals to the United States for practical training experiences. UST International provides programs for individuals and groups in social services, businesses, non-profit and public organizations. Training length varies from 1-18 months. Through CIPUSA, we have the ability to issue the required documents needed to obtain a J-1 visa and to facilitate training programs for international professionals in the United States. 


















  • Programs:
    • 1. International Business Innovation Collaborative
    • 2. CORE
    • 3. Global Partners/J-1 Visa
    • 4. B-1 Cultural Delegations
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