Women’s Employment and Empowerment


Women’s Empowerment Program


Refugee and Immigrant women face gender specific obstacles to self sufficiency as education and employment opportunities are far and few for our sisters abroad. It is very uncommon for Muslim women to hold jobs outside of the home and the majority of female African refugees have never had formal schooling. These facts coupled with marriage at a young age and the responsibility of child-rearing puts women at a disadvantage for overall well-being. Therefore, all of our offices have a Women’s Empowerment Program targeted at helping women achieve their goals and provide the best possible life for themselves and their families.




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We offer

  • English classes for those with limited or no English literacy;
  • Financial Literacy classes to reach economic self sufficiency;
  • Assistance with applying for ODJFS benefits for those who qualify;
  • Assessments to place women on a track towards higher education or employment;
  • And for those choosing the employment route we will hold enrichment workshops to create resumes, teach interview skills, conduct job searches and secure job placement.





A special thanks to our many supporters and partners.

 This program would not be possible without dedicated volunteers.

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