Women’s Employment and Empowerment


Empowering Refugee Women and Girls



Single refugee mothers need special help as heads of households. They come to the U.S. traumatized by wars, the loss of their husbands and separation of families. In the US, these women become heads of households. Us Together offers them education and individual support through curricula on financial literacy and job skills education. We also offer mentoring/coaching support to empower women to apply curricula concepts into real life.



Life Skills Education



Financial literacy education combined with family communication and conflict resolution skills training enables refugees and immigrants to navigate the American financial system and make sound financial decisions. We work with community organizations, community banks and City Hall to provide opportunities for participants to apply their knowledge using counseling and outreach. The participants learn how to better manage their household finances, and increase their use of local financial services. The program is funded by United Way and individual donors. We express our sincere gratitude to Yulia and Yevgen Vengrenyuk, Samantha Streuli, Caren Shiloh, Beth Gerber, Tatyana Rappaport, Caroline Gentzel, Christy Rabe, Sebastiano Porcu, Janelle Yeager Metzger, Tony Gugliemotto, Mikhail Teverovskiy, Magnext, DotX Technologies, Maria Frankel, and Adi Shiloh.






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