Refugee Impact Report






We are pleased to share with you the report which highlights what Ohio’s immigrants offer to us as a state.


Ohio’s New Americans




In 2015, US Together teamed up with CRIS, World Relief, and the City of Columbus to do an extensive analysis on the economic and social impact of refugees in the Central Ohio area: See below for highlights.


2015 Impact of Refugees on Central Ohio




  • 41.8% of refugees age 18 and older are currently enrolled in college or have graduated from college; compared to 43.0% of all Franklin County residents age 18 and older; this suggests that refugees in the community are just as well-educated as the rest of the population.
  • 13.6% Employed refugees age 16 and older who are business owners, is more than double the general Franklin County rate of entrepreneurship (6.5%); indicating that local refugees are more than twice as likely to own a business as the general population.
  • There are an estimated 873 refugee-owned businesses in the Columbus MSA employing 3,960 workers.


Immigrants: Reviving the Great Lakes Region





Employers that hire refugees see positive outcomes for their businesses, according to a report released today by the Fiscal Policy Institute and the Tent Partnership for Refugees. The study, based on over 100 interviews in four regions of the country, finds that when employers hire refugees they see lower turnover rates among refugees, and widen their pool of potential employees. In addition, many see overall improvements in the company, with their managers becoming more versatile as they adjust to working with a more diverse workforce.



Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment