Survivors of Torture





Survivors of Torture



Survivors of Torture is a program to help individuals who experienced traumatic events caused by the actions of armies, gang violence, or from people from the Government, outside the United States of America. By enrolling in the survival of torture program, the Survivors of Torture team of professionals will help in coordinating services to meet client’s medical, mental ,and spiritual needs.







Direct Services to Survivors of Torture: The Survivors of Torture (SOT) program has a team of professionals that help coordinate services to meet the client’s social, medical, and spiritual needs.






The SOT program serves clients at all three US Together locations: Columbus, Cleveland, and Toledo. Services include social and medical case management, medical and mental health referrals to our partners, legal services*, and spiritual and alternative healing sources outside of the traditional medical field. Services are provided to clients at no cost to them. The program is open to people of any immigration status. US Together aims to provide training to our partners to guide them as they serve traumatized population as well as training on how to best utilize interpreters for our non-English speaking clients.



*Note: legal services are limited. Please contact the program for more information.





For more information regarding Survivors of Torture please contact each office.