Citizenship & Immigration Services

Why should I become a citizen?


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There are many benefits to citizenship including:



  •  You can travel freely around the world and easily return to the U.S.
  •  You can receive a U.S passport.
  •  You can vote in U.S elections.
  •  You can work a government job and receive certain benefits only available to citizens.
  •  You can sponsor family members who want to receive green cards.
  •  You will receive tax and estate benefits only privileged to citizens.
  •  You can receive federal grants and scholarships only available to citizens for college.




Before you attend class, you must schedule an appointment at US Together to apply for classes by filling out an intake form and take an English language assessment. You must bring your Green Card or Permanent Resident Card to the appointment.





Questions about our citizenship classes or what to expect on the citizenship test?

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Legal Assistance:



As a BIA (Bureau of Immigration Appeals)  recognized agency, UST also provides assistance with the citizenship application (N-400). For assistance with the naturalization application, or any questions about naturalization requirements and eligibility, please call our office at 614-437-9941 and ask to schedule an appointment with Alexander Alexandrov, our BIA accredited representative.